F&L Publishing is dedicated to providing resources to help pastors and parishes build and restore beautiful churches. Based on the timeless traditions of the Church while incorporating contemporary systems and building techniques, these churches can be a vital part of the Body of Christ, a transcendent place where the mysteries of the Mass may be celebrated appropriately and fully. Realizing this type of truly beautiful church can be challenging, and it to that challenge that F&L Publishing and its staff are dedicated.


A Guide to
Building or Renovating a Catholic Church

Arthur C. Lohsen, AIA

The purpose of this publication is to provide an effective resource for pastors, parish committees, and diocesan representatives to direct the design, construction, and management of Catholic churches and related facilities. One of a pastor’s main responsibilities to his parish is the establishment, maintenance, renovation, and expansion of church facilities. However, this is often a responsibility for which he is not formally trained at seminary. Given the number of other subjects that must fit within a typical seminarian’s curriculum, one can understand this. Yet in the end, when many priests are asked to provide for the spiritual and temporal care of a parish, it is the temporal concerns for which they may not be adequately prepared — specifically, to build or renovate a church.

A Catholic church is a unique place, a place which must transcend the bounds of our earthly experience and provide a foretaste of the heavenly realm. At the same time, it must be built and maintained, often with limited funds and expertise. This dichotomy presents a unique challenge and goes far towards explaining the deficiencies of many, if not most, Catholic churches. Parishes often attempt to build as much as possible, as quickly as possible, for as little as possible. This mindset can set up a project for failure. For a church to be a true success, there must be a careful balance between beauty and budget.

Rebuild My House is intended as a practical guidebook for pastors and parish leaders to successfully and efficiently undertake the construction or renovation of a Catholic church.

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